Training Center

The founder of Schoenstatt, Father Joseph Kentenich, wished that wherever a Schoenstatt Shrine was constructed, a training center would be built close by. The motherly education of Mary has to be complemented by intellectual, spiritual training and education of lay apostles for our modern times in the spirit of Schoenstatt. Larger liturgical celebrations, meals, and activities take place in the upstairs auditorium and chapel areas. The various branches of the Schoenstatt Movement also have offices for their moderators and their materials in this building. The downstairs area has dormitories, a meeting space, and storage. We are blessed to be able to welcome and pass on the richness of our faith to many through our Training Center! 

Holy Mass is generally celebrated in the Training Center chapel area at 7:00 am on Saturdays. Please call House Schoenstatt to confirm the week that you would like to attend: (361) 729-2019. All are welcome!