Stations of the Cross

The Way of the Cross is a form of popular devotion in the Catholic Church, giving us a valuable means to meditate more profoundly on the path the Jesus walked towards his crucifixion, death, and burial. Reflecting on the great love that Christ poured out for us fills us with gratitude and urges us to look for opportunities to show him our love in return. 

Click here for meditations on the stations of the cross composed by Schoenstatt’s founder, Fr. Joseph Kentenich, during his imprisonment in the Dachau concentration camp during WWII. 

Concluding prayer

O Holy Cross, I fall before you
and sing to you ardent hymns of thanks and jubilation:
On you our Lord completed the work
which made us children of God.
I want to plant you deeply in my joyous heart
and constantly give you all my love;
my life’s hope is built on you,
my crucified Lord, and on your Bride.
Let me proclaim you both to those around me,
daring my life’s battle for you each day.
Then your kingdom will be victorious everywhere
and extend its boundaries to the ends of the universe.
Let me present the cross and the picture of Mary
to the nations as the sign of redemption
so that the two who stand as one in the Father’s plan of love
may never be divided.
May Schoenstatt always be your loyal instrument,
inscribing your names, together, into human hearts,
that Satan’s realm may truly be destroyed
and in the Holy Spirit the Father’s glory be increased.
Amen. (J. Kentenich, Heavenwards)