Foundation of Bishop’s Residence

It was Bishop Ledvina of Corpus Christi who initially asked for Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary to be sent to Texas, to serve in his diocese. Before sending Sisters of Mary to the USA, Schoenstatt’s founder, Father Kentenich, personally visited our country in the summer of 1948. One of the stops he made was to our diocese, Corpus Christi. He met with the bishop at his residence, where this slab of foundation was originally, until the demolition of the house decades later. Therefore, this piece of concrete is a reminder of our founder’s visit to our diocese and our mission to continue serving the Church which he loved. 

Each year around July 8, the ordination anniversary of our founder, the Schoenstatt family of the Corpus Christi diocese goes on a “footsteps pilgrimage”, visiting the places and reliving the experiences of Father Kentenich’s visit in 1948. 

Anyone is welcome to attend! Call (361) 729-2019 for more information.

Former residence of the Bishop
Former residence of the Bishop
Abbot Nahlon, Bishop Ledvina, and Father Kentenich
Corpus Christi Cathedral
Carmelite Convent
Benedictine Abbey, now Generalate of the SOLT Fathers
Corpus Christi airport in 1948
Father Kentenich's travels in 1948