• In high school, there are plenty of people who are in need of a living Sursum corda. There’s this girl at school, and she doesn’t think she’s smart because she’s not “school smart”. She is talented in other ways; for example, she is a wonderful musician. Once I told her: “You’re not dumb, you’re just unconventionally smart.” Sometime later, she told me that touched her so much that she now has it on a sticky note on her bathroom mirror as a reminder. It really lifted up her heart! – S.V.
  • My religion class in our homeschool co-op this year has helped me lift up my heart to God in a way I never thought was possible. – M.H.
  • As the oldest of 8, you lift up a lot of hearts. Sometimes it’s pretty hard, but you have a constant opportunity to lift up others’ hearts. Constantly. – L.G.

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