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“In order to please God, in order to become a blessing for the family, in order to serve the future, the Church and the world, we must have boundless confidence.”

Fr. Joseph Kentenich

Mission of Confidence

The Shrine in Lamar, Texas was dedicated on October 18, 1959. It was built on the foundation of unlimited, childlike and victorious confidence expressed in the motto:

Mater perfectam habebit curam – Mother will take perfect care.

During the exile of our founder, this Shrine was offered to the Triune God and our Mother Thrice Admirable as a gift of thanksgiving in advance for his return to Schoenstatt. We believe this request was granted on December 24, 1965.

The Mother of God is the woman of great faith who trusted and placed her life confidently into the hands of God. We believe that in the Confidentia Shrine, she intercedes for us the grace of an unlimited, childlike and victorious confidence. She also helps us to cultivate a continuous spiritual union with our father and founder so that we can continue to carry on Schoenstatt’s mission. In the covenant of love, she educates us as her instruments in building the Marian Father Kingdom and thus renew fatherhood in families, Church and society.

The Shrine at Lamar

The Schoenstatt Shrine and Schoenstatt Retreat Center in Lamar, Texas, face Aransas Bay.

The shrine is a replica of the original shrine in Germany, where Schoenstatt’s founder, Father Joseph Kentenich, together with a group of seminarians dedicated their lives to Mary, Mother Thrice Admirable in the covenant of love on October 18, 1914. It was their contribution to the renewal of the world in Christ through Mary at the outbreak of World War I.

The shrine is a refuge of spiritual help and guidance. Many pilgrims come to visit bringing their petitions and gratitude.

The Schoenstatt Shrine in Lamar was dedicated in 1959. Its history is rich. In 1949, when three Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary left Africa by boat to come to the United States, they had no idea how it would all unfold. They trusted in Divine Providence, they only knew that they were expected by the Bishop of Corpus Christi, TX. Their founder, Father Joseph Kentenich, told them, “Build the Blessed Mother a shrine and she will do the rest.”

The sisters’ original destination was Mobile, AL. They did not know how to get to Corpus Christi from there. When the captain informed them of the distance to Corpus Christi, they realized they did not have the means to pray for that trip. In their need, they turned to the Mother of God and prayed for guidance. On the eve of September 8, the feast of Mary’s birth, the captain announced a change of course because of a hurricane, the new destination was Corpus Christi.

Though they did not arrive on time to take up the task assigned to them, they soon received an invitation to work in the Catholic school in Rockport, 33 miles north of Corpus Christi. Language difficulties, financial needs, customs, and climate became the sisters’ spiritual contribution for the building of the future Schoenstatt Shrine.

Finally, in 1958 plans for buying land and building the shrine became more concrete. The sisters had saved from the little they earned from their work and from extra projects, such as music lessons. But it still was not enough. A loan was needed, but no one in the surrounding area wanted to invest in a community without credit or assets. Finally, a bank in St. Louis, MO realized how seriously the sisters were committed and how much they had already saved and considered them trustworthy. Thus, the building of the Schoenstatt Shrine for the Mother Thrice Admirable and part of the retreat house could begin.

On October 18, 1959, Bishop Marx officiated at the dedication of the first Schoenstatt Shrine in Texas with many friends and pilgrims in attendance. He said, “With the dedication of this Shrine and the Motherhouse of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary of the Catholic Apostolate a new epoch in the history of Lamar begins. Now we see the beautiful new buildings dedicated to the Virgin Mother Thrice Admirable. Through this new foundation Lamar may become a place of spiritual recreation and animation. This shrine is truly a place, which invites and stimulates for prayer and through prayer we receive the grace necessary to work out our salvation. In prayer we receive the illumination which makes us see events of life in the light of Divine Providence. Prayer transforms us and creates in us the uniformity with the will of God and we are enabled to stand in community who draw others upward.”

The Schoenstatt Shrine, in Lamar, known as the Shrine of Confidence, welcomes all who wish to come for a visit, a pilgrimage, or a retreat. From here the first sisters were sent to Mexico to start Schoenstatt there. On the occasion of its golden anniversary on October 18, 2008, the second Schoenstatt Shrine in Texas was dedicated, in San Antonio (Helotes). The third Texas shrine was dedicated in Austin on September 13, 2014.  

The Confidentia Shrine is open from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. every day most of the year.