As recent “retirees,” our recent pilgrimage to the Original Schoenstatt was special because we didn’t have to work during the free time that was meant for prayer or meditation.   I was able to “absorb” more of what our Father and founder, Father Kentenich and our MTA wanted to offer. As one of the Schoenstatt Fathers spoke in his sermon, he said from the Shrine we want to experience the power of the altar.  It spoke to me of deepening our Covenant of Love.   Our Mother Thrice Admirable gathers us around the table of the altar for Her Son to feed us, nourish us, form us, love us and we do our part as well.  My part is that I take my daily struggles, failures, successes, pains, concerns, and everything I have and am both spiritually and physically to the altar in the Covenant of Love.  Truly this power of the altar gets me from point to point in my everyday mundane life. It helps me make the dull, boring, menial tasks that are the majority part of my day into something sacred.  Sursum Corda. Lift up my heart- during these times so that the power of the altar will transform my life not only for myself but mostly for the sake of others who have to live with me. because it can sometimes be really hard for them to live with me.  Again and again, whether I go spiritually or physically to the Schoenstatt Shrine I ask our MTA and Father Kentenich’s intercession to “fill me up with the power of the altar”.     

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