The name of our Home Shrine was chosen after much thought. There is, it seems to us, a lack of purity and an absence of belief in God in the world. Faith is a gift—one that the Blessed Mother wants to offer us through her immaculate presence in our home. This gift then becomes, through us, part of our hearts, our home, and our church community. From there it spreads into the whole world.

Our Home Shrine was dedicated during the Marian Year on October 3, 1987. It is a refuge. Here we experience the presence of the Triune God, the Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph, and the Angels and Saints. In our home shrine we strive to cooperate with God in becoming one with Him according to his Holy will. The Immaculate Heart of Mary is thereby victorious through us and in us.

In our Home Shrine we:

  • Encounter the mission, vision and charisma of our founder, Father Joseph Kentenich.
  • Receive the graces of the Original Shrine and the graces connected to the mission of our home shrine.
  • Are united with all the daughter and home shrines around the world.
  • Gather personally and spiritually with the Schoenstatt family.
  • Welcome other people to come and enjoy the peace and graces that the Blessed Mother gives to her children and that open their hearts.
  • Evangelize with our devotions, talks, and visits.

Sanjuana and Guadalupe Serrano. Women’s League, Laredo TX

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