Lead from the Shrine… Spring of Joy

I was introduced to the Schoenstatt movement in 1976.  I started to attend Women’s League retreats and pilgrimages at Lamar (Confidentia Shrine).  Although I did not know much about the movement, I grew to have a very deep devotion to our Blessed Mother.  This inspired me to organize pilgrim buses to Lamar from Rio Grande City, my hometown where my parents, Blas & Julia Guerra lived.  They helped me organize these pilgrimages along with my brother (Blas, Jr.) and sister (Olga). The local people were very excited to go on pilgrimage to visit the Blessed Mother every year.  At first, we attended the May and October pilgrimages. 

Later, we attended the May Pilgrimages every year until 2019. The pilgrims were very disappointed there was no pilgrimage in May 2020 due to the pandemic.  In December 22, 1982 a Wayside shrine was blessed at my parents’ property. It was named the Victory Wayside Shrine. She indeed is victorious over all our needs. I made my Covenant of Love on February 18, 1979. Early on, I purchased a small octagon shaped framed image of the Blessed Mother at the little gift store run by Sister Philomena.  It was blessed and I still have it in my bedroom.  The official home shrine picture was blessed in 1988 and the name of the Home Shrine is Spring of Joy. 

She has been there for me through difficult times and joyful times. Like a true mother, she has always been at my side to support me and to continue to educate me. In January 29, 1990 I made by Membership Dedication.  My home shrine has been a real blessing to me, my family and friends.  If anyone has a difficult situation, they call me and I entrust that petition to the Blessed Mother in the Spring of Joy Home Shrine.  We always can count on her. She continues to guide us through this life’s journey. Blessed Mother, thank you for making your shrine in my heart and in my home!

Aida Guerra, Harlingen, Texas

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