Lead from the Shrine… Mother of Mercy – Queen of Miracles

We chose this title because of the need for mercy and miracles in all of our lives, both the experience of Jesus’ mercy and miracles, and also the teaching of mercy for ourselves and for others. Jesus can and will do what is humanly impossible through trust in Divine Providence, as the Blessed Mother lived and taught.  

Our Home Shrine was consecrated on the feast of Christ the King- November 22, 2015. It is a place to bring our joys, struggles and sorrows as well as our gratitude for His blessings through Our Blessed Mother. Our Home Shrine has been a comfort and a source of grace, such as the stabilization of our daughter’s long- time brain tumor, which her doctors had not thought possible, the location of doctors who could further help her, and the spiritual miracle of a renewed hope in our lives, even in the midst of sad and tragic news for dear friends and extended family members.

There has been joy in the midst of extreme hardships, such as a deeper trust in God, knowing that He is walking the journey with us all as we seek His mercy and learn to love each other with a deeper love during these hard times. Some of our dearest friends who experienced a tragedy in their family, have found peace and comfort from being in Our Home Shrine, which is situated in the heart of our home and is a natural place for us to gather for family prayer. We are grateful that the Blessed Mother is teaching us to hope against hope and to trust Jesus, even when others say it is not humanly possible.

Kristen and Rick Martinez, Texas Family League, Diocese of Fort Worth

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