Lead from the Shrine… Cause of our Joy

Why did we choose “Cause of Our Joy” as the name for our home shine?

Simply said…. this title in the litany of the holy Rosary always settles deep in our hearts. The Blessed Mother says her YES in her fiat and heaven rejoices and earth receives the Savior! The Blessed Mother urges Jesus for his first miracle and the wedding couple receives not only more, but the choicest wine for their celebration! At the foot of the cross, Jesus gave his mother to us and she becomes our mother too! Mary is the purest and most perfect vessel of God’s love and unites her motherly tenderness to that perfection making us, her children, the most blessed benefactors! This is the joy of our lives!!!…. That the sweet Mother of God is our mother too!

On a practical level, it is a blessing to walk by our home shrine, which was dedicated in 1997, and see one of our children sitting there staring at our MTA.  With the onset of the Covid virus, our family was able to experience the extension of the graces that come from the shrine in our home shrine.  Since all of the churches were closed, we were able to livestream and celebrate Holy Mass(es) in our home shrine.  It is our place of comfort and joy, but also the place where we can take our sorrows and struggles to our Blessed Mother.

Elsa and Luis Dominguez, Austin, TX

Apostolic Family Federation

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