Story of our Home Shrine

This is the story of two Home Shrines becoming one.

Bernard had enthroned Our Blessed Mother on December 10, 2005 as “Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces” and crowned her “Queen of Peace; Rosa Elena enthroned our Blessed Mother on September 11, 2006 as “Queen of Peace”.

We got married on August 4, 2018 at the Schoenstatt Shrine in Austin. 

A question was at the top of our mind: how could our two Home Shrines become one? We wondered whether the situation had occurred previously and how we should go about it. We asked a few Schoenstatt Fathers and Sisters the question but never got a definitive answer. 

While celebrating Easter 2022 with Fr. Christian Christensen (who married us), we decided to set a date, without knowing how we would go about it. We knew the most important thing was to contribute to the Capital of Grace. We also thought it was important to go to the source of graces and with this in mind, we made several pilgrimages to the Schoenstatt Shrines in Lamar, Austin, and San Antonio, asking our Blessed Mother to guide us.

Our Blessed Mother finally set the date on July 22, 2022. Fr. Christian (84) drove from Austin to our home in Nassau Bay, Texas.

We prepared the MTA picture that had been in Rosa Elena’s Home Shrine to be the MTA in our new Shrine. We enthroned the MTA picture that had been in Bernard’s Shrine’s in our bedroom, above a small altar with the Unity Cross and a picture of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart. We chose our symbols. We prepared our prayers.

We enthroned our Blessed Mother as “Queen of Peace”. 

It was a beautiful and moving ceremony, followed by a Holy Mass. A few friends accompanied us. It was simpler that what we had thought.

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