On the feast of the Immaculate Conception in 1983, we welcomed the Blessed Mother of Schoenstatt to be the Queen, Guide, and Protector of our home and our family. Initially, the name of our homeshrine was Queen of Peace which we changed later into Queen of Divine Grace.

Our children ranged in age from 1 to 13 and we needed guidance to raise our children since both our parents lived far away. The only guide we had was our pediatrician who was Catholic.

As years moved on, we were invited to learn about Federation and we met with other couples for several years. It was a time of learning more deeply about Schoenstatt. We made our final consecration in our Federation Course in 2002. 

During this time, we became more involved in our parish. Our pastor asked us to help him with marriage preparation.

Our home shrine has been the center of all our family celebrations, one of which was the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of our marriage in 2019.

We continue on our path through life trusting in Jesus our Savior, God our Father, and our life companion, and our Mother Thrice Admirable. 

We depend on the Holy Spirit as we lead our family and those entrusted to us onward to the Kingdom promised to us. 

                                                         Nos Cum Prole Pia …

Maria and Joe Rodriguez, Corpus Christi, TX, Apostolic Family Federation

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