Schoenstatters around the world prepare to celebrate the founding day of Schoenstatt on October 18, 1914. Last weekend the leaders of the league branches of the USA gathered at the International Center in Waukesha, WI to discern the course of the new Schoenstatt Year.

The convention took place at a critical time in history. The pandemic, local and international conflicts, growing impact of climate change, migration, forms of injustice, racism, violence, and persecution are just a few of the challenges we all are facing. Four catch words often characterize our reaction to these challenges: Fight, Flight, Freeze, or Fooling around!

For us who have made the covenant of love, the words of the Second Founding Document challenge us to take a different approach. Father Kentenich told us:

“To her [our Mother and Queen of Schoenstatt] we owe the great grace that all the mighty stones which are meant for our destruction become a powerful stairway which lead us safely to God and into the world of our mission and task.”

Indeed, the covenant of love enables us to respond to our needs and sufferings with trust in Divine Providence and charity to all.

Please join us in person or virtually on October 18 for the covenant renewal celebration the Confidentia Shrine. We will begin at 5pm with adoration, followed by holy Mass and the renewal of our covenant of love.

United in the covenant of love and praying for all of your intentions in the Confidentia Shrine!

Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary

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