July Sursum Corda Moments …

The pilgrimage in the footsteps of our father and founder on July 8 made me proud to belong to
Schoenstatt. The Corpus Christi Schoenstatt Family outdid itself in organizing every little detail. We were
given a booklet with the songs and prayers for the stops on our way. It also included detailed
information about Father Kentenich’s visit to Corpus Christi and I look forward to reading it when I get
home.  It touched me that at each place there was a life-size image of our father welcoming us and a
picture of the building as it looked back then. In addition, generous hands provided us with water
bottles which were welcomed by all. Last but not least, an exquisite and delicious banquet was waiting
for us at the end of the day so typical of our Schoenstatt hospitality. A heartfelt thank you to the Corpus
Christi Schoenstatt Family for a richly blessed day: sursum corda!
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May Sursum Corda Moments …

A month ago, we were having a spiritual retreat at the Confidentia Shrine in LAMAR with our couples’ group. Suddenly, I received a text message in the middle of the retreat. It was from one of our customers. She was very upset. I did not understand the reason for her frustration but she was truly angry. This caused anxiety to creep into my heart. It could have ruined our retreat. I thought the best thing was to keep focusing on our retreat, offer up this suffering as Capital of Grace for the intention of our retreat and for the couples who were participating, place our anxiety in Our Blessed Mother’s hands, and surrender it all to the LORD.    One week later, my wife and I met face-to-face with this client. She profoundly apologized for how she had acted with us. We ended our visit hugging each other and she had tears in her eyes. It was a SURSUM CORDA moment!    When things go wrong, how beautiful it is to be able to offer our anxiety and sufferings to our MTA as Capital of Grace with trust that something good will come out of it; and wait for the SURSUM CORDA moment!
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