Blessed December!

Make sure to LIFT UP YOUR HEARTS – SURSUM CORDA on the following special days during this month of December! Read More

Make sure to LIFT UP YOUR HEARTS – SURSUM CORDA on the following special days during this month of December!

Greetings for November 15, 2022

Greetings from the Confidentia Shrine!

Meanwhile, the leaders of the US Schoenstatt Movement have developed an umbrella statement that will guide us throughout the year. Starting with Advent, our focus will be Sursum Corda – Lift up your Hearts!  

We are familiar with the phrase from the Liturgy. In the Latin tradition, Sursum Corda is attributed to Hyppolytus of Rome (215). The expression was possibly taken from Lamentations 3:41.

The words Sursum corda are spoken by the priest shortly before the consecration, the climax of Holy Mass (delete comma) when heaven and earth meet so to speak. We are invited to lift our hearts to the Lord so that we are united as closely as possible to this mysterious event. 

When we pray “My Queen My Mother,” we surrender our love to God through Mary’s hands, letting her dispel what opposes God in us.

In turn, each one of us is called to become a living Sursum corda, lifting up those we serve, meet, encounter, and love.

Throughout this coming year, we will post special sursum corda days at the beginning of each month. With our greeting on each 15th of the month, we will share some sursum corda moments of members of the Schoenstatt Family. So stay tuned. 

Wishing you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving! 

Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary   

Sursum Corda …

In our Schoenstatt Shrine, I have always experienced the Blessed Mother as a living Sursum corda. She always invites me to lift up my heart to the Triune God. In her beautiful image, she points out to her Divine Son. I feel her eyes always looking at me, personally, with tender and merciful love. When I come to her with my misery, my sinfulness, and loaded with guilt, she assures me, the mercy and love of God are greater than my smallness and misery. In the Covenant of Love, she invites me to be more like her, to change my ways, to aspire for holiness every day, that is, doing what pleases God, to become a living Sursum corda for others in my surroundings.

Blessed October 18!

Today we join with all of heaven and all Schoenstatters around the world in celebrating 108 years of the covenant of love!
108 years ago, the Blessed Mother took possession of the Original Shrine and sealed the covenant of love with Father Kentenich and the founding generation.
63 years ago she descended again – and the Confidentia Shrine was born!
When did you seal your covenant of love? How do you plan to renew it today?

Join us in Lamar for Holy Mass and covenant renewal at 5:00 pm! More details here in our calendar:

Check out @schoenstattinternational on Facebook or at for more information and to join in the livestreamed festivities with the entire Schoenstatt family!