Greetings for May 15

Greetings from the Confidentia Shrine! 

Mother’s Day was celebrated on Sunday, May 8, 2022, in the US, and in Mexico, it was celebrated on May 10. It is a popular holiday that doesn’t have Christian roots nor was it introduced into our culture by the Christian churches. While Mother’s Day cannot be understood without the corresponding cultural imprint in which it originated, the holiday expresses something that is universally valid, namely that there is no bond that is more intensive than that between mother and child. And if there have been disturbances in this relationship – for whatever reason – people usually carry that painful burden in their emotional backpack throughout their lives.

Mother’s Day doesn’t need much explanation: it is understood on its own merits because it has a clear place in the life of every human being. And even if one rejects many traditional role models and clichés of what a mother is supposed to be and do, one cannot avoid acknowledging that it is mothers who form a particularly close relationship with their child that cannot be compared to any other bond.

Most likely in this context, we appreciate the sacrificial strength and heroic courage of the many mothers and grandmothers who fled Ukraine with their children to seek protection and help in the neighboring countries, leaving their husbands behind. The war in Ukraine and elsewhere reminds us of the hardship that motherhood includes. We may also think of the Holy Family’s flight to Egypt to protect the Christ Child, the prophecy of Simeon that Mary’s heart will be pierced by a sword, and her offering of her Son on Golgotha. 

This is the Mother who Jesus gave to us as his last will. It is to her that many come on pilgrimage to our Confidentia Shrine this May. Father Kentenich often said that every day of May is a day to honor and love the Blessed Mother in a special way and to honor her with a crown as the Queen of May. We sisters have our daily May devotions and include all of you and your intentions in our prayers. 

Perhaps you can come to the Confidentia Shrine for one of the May pilgrimages or arrange for a private visit.

Our Mother is waiting for you! 

With prayers from the Confidentia Shrine,

Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary  

Lead from the Shrine…

On the feast of the Immaculate Conception in 1983, we welcomed the Blessed Mother of Schoenstatt to be the Queen, Guide, and Protector of our home and our family. Initially, the name of our homeshrine was Queen of Peace which we changed later into Queen of Divine Grace.

Our children ranged in age from 1 to 13 and we needed guidance to raise our children since both our parents lived far away. The only guide we had was our pediatrician who was Catholic.

As years moved on, we were invited to learn about Federation and we met with other couples for several years. It was a time of learning more deeply about Schoenstatt. We made our final consecration in our Federation Course in 2002. 

During this time, we became more involved in our parish. Our pastor asked us to help him with marriage preparation.

Our home shrine has been the center of all our family celebrations, one of which was the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of our marriage in 2019.

We continue on our path through life trusting in Jesus our Savior, God our Father, and our life companion, and our Mother Thrice Admirable. 

We depend on the Holy Spirit as we lead our family and those entrusted to us onward to the Kingdom promised to us. 

                                                         Nos Cum Prole Pia …

Maria and Joe Rodriguez, Corpus Christi, TX, Apostolic Family Federation

Lead from the Shrine…

Hello, we are Gina and Ricardo (Ric) Vega and we live in Austin. We became involved with Schoenstatt in 2014 after meeting Fr. Hector at our St. Paul Parish. He informed us he was a Schoenstatt Father.  I told him that as a young professional woman I had been involved with the movement with Sr. Bridget and Sr. Christa Marie. He invited us to the dedication of the Shrine which we attended with great anticipation of what the Blessed Mother was asking of us.  After being caregivers for Ric’s dad in Corpus Christi and my mother here in Austin, Ric and I lost both of them during the same week in 2012. Both of us started to quietly discern where God needed us next.

For several years, we made pilgrimages to churches in and out of the country. In August 2016, we were invited to attend a Schoenstatt “Forta,”, a couples retreat in Lamar. We were so excited and we felt that the Blessed Mother was calling us. The retreat was intense and very personal. Was this what we were looking for? Yes, it was just what we needed. Since we had no children because we married late in life, we felt somewhat lost. We had never before lived alone in our home as a couple… Remember, we were caregivers before and after getting married. The retreat opened up places in our souls and hearts that we had not felt before as a couple. It was intimate, yet welcoming and fun. We met many wonderful couples of varying ages who gave heartfelt testimonies. We instantly felt the love that only a Mother could give. Our Schoenstatt life would not be what it is today if the couple sitting in front of us, David and Pita Sanchez, had not opened their hearts to us. We knew at this moment that all of this was our Blessed Mother enveloping us and rewarding our caregiving days with this supernatural retreat! What a gift!

At this juncture, we knew we wanted to learn more about the movement and share this love that was shown to us. One way to do that was by becoming shrine guardians. Being guardians gave us opportunities to be involved with various activities. Soon after, we also started to attend the Couples Time Out, monthly day retreats dedicated to marriages.

By early 2017, we had already embraced our encounter with our Blessed Mother and we knew we were in the movement forever. We started our Couples Group in February at our St. Paul Parish. In June, we were both commissioned as MTA missionaries and shared our MTA with our families and with patients during visits to the nursing homes. By September, we knew we were ready to offer ourselves completely to our Blessed Mother through the Covenant of Love. The Sanchez’ graciously accepted our request for help to learn about it.

A year later, in June 2018, the Sanchez’ led a pilgrimage to Waukesha, Wisconsin where we were even more immersed in the movement. The pilgrimage encompassed visiting the Shrines and learning about Fr. Kentenich. We met a diverse group of people who were on the same journey and whom we now call friends. The greatest experience was when we formally told our Blessed Mother in the Exile Shrine how thankful we were for bringing us into the movement and that we would gladly be her instruments.

In 2019, our next goal was to learn even more about the home shrine. We had heard the Fenelon’s story during the pilgrimage to Waukesha and now we were ready to have our home shrine. Again, the Sanchez’ spent time educating us about it and we began discerning the title for our Blessed Mother. Over time, we put our home shrine together and we waited to decide her title. We were already praying there and just needed a title and to have it blessed. With the arrival of the COVID pandemic, we were unable to have it blessed in person. Fr. Cristobal scheduled the blessing via Zoom in May 2020. We decided to crown her “Queen Mother of Peace and Healing of the Family.” This title was important for us since we come from large families and the virus was very contagious and many people were dying. We wanted every family member to come to know our Blessed Mother and to find peace with what was happening. If they were contracted, we wanted them to ask our Blessed Mother for her intercession for healing. We crowned our Blessed Mother with a red crown. We continue to pray for the end of the pandemic and for the healing of everyone who contracted the virus, not only our family. 

Our home shrine continues to be our place of prayer where we find peace, love, and healing for ourselves and our loved ones. Many prayers have been answered through our commitment to our Blessed Mother. We continue to be grateful for our encounter with our Blessed Mother, for her love for us as individuals and as a couple. We pray for peace, healing, and the conversion of the hearts of families who do not know our Blessed Mother. The Blessed Mother is Victorious! She is a Miracle Worker! We remain devoted and faithful to our Covenant of Love!

Gina and Ric Vega, Schoenstatt Family League, Austin, TX


Hola, somos Gina y Ricardo (Ric) Vega y vivimos en Austin.  En 2014, nos involucramos con Schoenstatt después de conocer al P. Héctor en nuestra Parroquia de St. Paul. Nos dijo que era un padre de Schoenstatt. Le dije que como joven profesional estuve involucrada en el movimiento con la Hna. Bridget y la Hna. Christa Marie. Nos invitó a la dedicación del Santuario a la que asistimos con mucha anticipación de lo que la Santísima Madre nos estaba pidiendo.  Después de ser los cuidadores del padre de Ric en Corpus Christi y de mi madre aquí en Austin, Ric y yo perdimos a ambos durante la misma semana. Ambos comenzamos a discernir en silencio dónde nos necesitaba Dios a continuación.

Durante varios años, realizamos peregrinaciones a iglesias dentro y fuera del país. En agosto de 2016, nos invitaron a asistir a un “Forta” de Schoenstatt, un retiro de parejas en Lamar. Estábamos muy emocionados y sentimos que era la Santísima Madre  quien nos llamaba. El retiro fue intenso y muy personal. ¿Era esto lo que estábamos buscando? Sí, era justo lo que necesitábamos. Como no teníamos hijos debido a nuestro matrimonio tardío, nos habíamos sentido algo perdidos. Nunca antes habíamos vivido solos en pareja en nuestra casa. Recuerde, fuimos cuidadores de nuestros padres antes y después de casarnos. El retiro abrió lugares en nuestras almas y corazones que no habíamos sentido antes como pareja. Fue íntimo, pero acogedor y divertido. Conocimos a muchas parejas maravillosas de diferentes edades que dieron testimonios sinceros. Instantáneamente, sentimos el amor que sólo una Madre puede dar. Nuestra vida en Schoenstatt no sería lo que es hoy si la pareja sentada frente a nosotros, David y Pita Sánchez, no nos hubieran abierto su corazón. ¡Sabíamos en este momento que todo esto era nuestra Santísima Madre envolviéndonos y recompensando nuestros días de cuidado a nuestros padres con este retiro sobrenatural! ¡Qué regalo!

En este momento, sabíamos que queríamos aprender más sobre el movimiento y compartir este amor que se nos mostró a nosotros. Una forma de hacerlo era en ser guardianes del santuario. Ser guardianes nos dio la oportunidad de involucrarnos en varias actividades del movimiento. Poco después, también empezamos a asistir a los Couples Time Out, retiros mensuales de un día dedicados a los matrimonios.

A principios de 2017, ya habíamos logrado nuestro encuentro con nuestra Santísima Madre y sabíamos que estábamos en el movimiento para siempre. Comenzamos nuestro Grupo de Parejas en febrero en nuestra Parroquia de St. Paul. En junio, ambos fuimos comisionados como misioneros de la MTA y compartimos nuestra MTA con nuestras familias y con pacientes en hogares de ancianos. En septiembre sabíamos que estábamos listos para ofrecernos completamente a nuestra Santísima Madre a través de la Alianza de Amor. Los Sánchez aceptaron con gratitud nuestra solicitud de aprendizaje.

Un año después, en junio de 2018, los Sánchez dirigieron una peregrinación a Waukesha, Wisconsin, donde estuvimos aún más inmersos en el movimiento. La peregrinación abarcó visitar los Santuarios y conocer al P. Kentenich. Conocimos a un grupo diverso de personas que estaban en el mismo camino y a quienes ahora llamamos amigos. La mejor experiencia fue cuando le dijimos formalmente a nuestra Santísima Madre en el Santuario del Exilio lo agradecidos que estábamos por invitarnos al movimiento y con mucho gusto seríamos sus instrumentos.

Nuestro próximo objetivo en 2019 era aprender aún más sobre el Santuario del Hogar. Habíamos escuchado la historia de los Fenelon durante la peregrinación a Waukesha y ahora estábamos listos para tener nuestro propio Santuario Hogar. Una vez más, los Sánchez dedicaron tiempo a educarnos sobre lo que era y empezamos a discernir el título de nuestra Santísima Madre. Con el tiempo, armamos nuestro Santuario Hogar y esperamos para decidir su título. Ya estábamos orando allí y solo faltaba un título y que lo bendijeran. Con la llegada de la pandemia del COVID no se pudo bendecir en persona. El Padre Cristóbal programó la bendición vía Zoom en mayo de 2020. Decidimos coronarla “Reina Madre de la Paz y Sanación de la Familia”. Este título era importante para nosotros ya que venimos de familias grandes y el virus era muy contagioso y mucha gente estaba falleciendo. Queríamos que todos los miembros de la familia llegaran a conocer a nuestra Santísima Madre y encontraran la paz con lo que estaba sucediendo. Y si se contraían, queríamos que le pidieran a nuestra Santísima Madre su intercesión para la sanación. Coronamos a nuestra Santísima Madre con una corona roja. Seguimos orando por el fin de la pandemia y la sanación de todos los que han contraído el virus, no solo de nuestra familia. Nuestro Santuario Hogar sigue siendo nuestro lugar de oración donde podemos encontrar paz, amor y sanación para nosotros y nuestros seres queridos.

Muchas oraciones han sido respondidas a través de nuestro compromiso con nuestra Santísima Madre y seguimos agradecidos por su amor por nosotros como individuos y como pareja. ¡La Santísima Madre es victoriosa! ¡Ella obrará milagros!  ¡Seguimos devotos y fieles a nuestra Alianza de Amor!

“… Jesus summoned the crowd with his disciples and said to them, “Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.” (Mark 8:34)

Greetings for April 15

Today we join Christians from around the world to commemorate Christ’s example of giving himself as a gift of charity to all! The last part of our year’s motto – Lead from the Shrine with trust in Divine Providence and charity to all – is a great challenge.  Throughout his public life, Jesus has taught us to practice charity. In his many encounters with people of all walks of life and sin, he acted with charity. But the most eloquent lesson he taught us was the unconditional surrender to the Father’s will.  Jesus died for our sins that we may have life. He silently endured the hatred of his accusers and executioners that we may know true love. He assumed our sadness that we may know the joy of Easter. 

This day of sorrow becomes a day of hope and joy. The ugliness of Christ crucified has restored divine beauty to our souls. Take some time out to meditate on the Stations of the Cross today. Perhaps you can make a pilgrimage to the Confidentia Shrine to do so or participate in your parish. To commemorate the Year of the Family, Pope Francis commissioned 14 families to write the 14 stations which he presides over today at the Colosseum in Rome. We can join him virtually at 3 pm CST! 

Wishing you an abundantly blessed Triduum and Happy Easter!

The Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary 

Lead from the Shrine…

“… Jesus summoned the crowd with his disciples and said to them, “Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.” (Mark 8:34)

It was during one of our deserts, i.e., a day of prayer, at Lamar, that I came upon this passage.  This was a great moment of DIVINE GRACE.  I was touched very deeply by it.  I prayed and asked God, “Lord help me to carry my cross with patience and love.” After meditating for a while, I walked slowly to the shrine, went inside and then, it hit me.  As I looked at our Mother Thrice Admirable, I knew that SHE was my answer. I was overwhelmed with tears of JOY. 

A few months later, Carlos and I, joined Jose and Maria Rodriguez, and several other couples for some special talks about Schoenstatt. Soon after, we made our Covenant of Love at a couples retreat in the spring of 2005.   As our love for our Mother Thrice Admirable grew, we talked with Sr M Daniela Rensing, about preparing us for our home shrine.  Our home shrine was dedicated on September 4, 2011, as Mother of Faith, Hope and Love.   During the beginning years of the recent pandemic, we crowned her as, “Queen and Refuge of our Family.” 

We are on pilgrimage here on earth and are very blessed to know that we have a mother in heaven who is always there for us, to guide and to teach us the way to holiness.

We are Carlos and Ana Rosa Everett originally from Corpus Christi, and now more recently living in San Antonio, Texas.  We have been blessed with 2 sons, Carlos Jr. and his wife, Amanda; Christopher Javier and his wife, Ashley; and our daughter Celeste Marie and her husband, Edison.  We have been blessed with 6 grandchildren—5 living and one deceased. 

Ana Rosa and Carlos Everett, San Antonio, TX

Apostolic Family Federation, USA

Greetings for March15, 2022

During Lent, Pope Francis has invited us to “not grow tired of doing good, for in due time we shall reap our harvest, if we do not give up. So then, while we have the opportunity, let us do good to all” (Gal 6:9-10).  As the world reels at the senseless violence and suffering, Russia has inflicted upon the Ukrainian people, all people of goodwill have been called to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Ukraine and to implore God for an end to the war. 

As one of the first countries to ever be consecrated to the Mother of God, Ukraine converted to Christianity in 988 under its prince, St. Volodymyr the Great (d. 1015). The people of Ukraine consecrated themselves to Our Lady in 1037 initiated by Volodymyr’s son, Yaroslav the Wise. In 1985, church leaders consecrated Ukraine to Mary a second time, pleading for her protection in the wake of the atrocities committed by the Soviet Union throughout the 20th century. Ukraine received its freedom and declared independence in 1991. 

Now is the time to again implore the Blessed Mother from our Shrines to assist the Ukrainians and to mediate peace. Since 1951, it has been the custom to place the so-called Eastern Cross above the tabernacle in the original shrine on Thursdays.  

During the transfer of the Eastern Cross to the Original Shrine on July 5, 1951, by Archimandrite Mitnacht accompanied by Father General Turowski and Father Joseph Kentenich, our founder stated among other things:

… we do so with the intention of uniting Eastern and Western thought, or -if you will- to let the Eastern and Western souls celebrate with each other a kind of marriage. … In the Russian soul, there is indeed a pronounced urge for infinity….. In addition, there is a great deal of transcending the world, and world rapture.  … The Western soul and Western thinking are more concerned with the here and now. It is more life-oriented, life-forming, and life-shaping.”

In 1999, the Texas Schoenstatt Family made a pilgrimage to Schoenstatt Germany and the Holy Land. During this time, they received a replica of the Eastern Cross which has been in the Confidentia Shrine on Thursdays as a reminder of Schoenstatt’s mission for the East.

Let us unite in prayer and penance for world peace, especially for the people in Ukraine. Read here how the nearby Schoenstatt shrines in Poland and Germany have opened their doors to many refugees who seek shelter.  

With prayers for a fruitful Lent,

Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary 

P.S. Please check our website calendar for upcoming retreat and workshop opportunities.

Greetings for February 15, 2022

Today, February 15, marks the anniversary of Gilbert Schimmel’s death (1906-1959). Gilbert and his wife Joanna met Father Kentenich in Milwaukee and were instrumental in initiating the circle of couples who met with our father and founder On Monday Evenings (see the collection of talks given during that time by the same name). In his unassuming manner, Gilbert was a man who led “from the Shrine with Trust in Divine Providence and Charity to All.”

In the Novena “Gilbert Schimmel: Working Man and Lay Apostle”, we read: “He was known to be a very diligent and efficient foreman. ‘When Gilbert gave us work, we knew darn well that it could be done. And there was no sense in arguing with him or telling him it was impossible,’ remarked a man who worked under his leadership. Another witness tells us: “For 17 years Gilbert was in charge of the huge machine shop. ‘He was well liked by his men. He handled them with authority and respect.’ By respect he meant that Gilbert saw each man in his dignity as a child of the Heavenly Father, not part of a machine.” “I always admired Gill,” a non-Catholic co-worker of his factories said. “In spite of the noise of 50 machines in our shop and his responsibility for everything he seemed recollected and kept an eye on each of us. He was concerned about our well-being and could tell when a man did not feel well or when his mind was not on the job.”

In Gilbert Schimmel’s biography The End Crowns the Work Fr. Jonathan Niehaus shares that “It was common to see Gilbert kneeling in the shrine of our Mother Thrice Admirable, his favorite place. He would visit the shrine as often as he could, both in Milwaukee and in Madison, Wisconsin. Even at his place of work, he kept a picture of the MTA under the glass cover on his desk (144).”

In light of Gilbert’s example of leadership let us ask ourselves: how am I using my God given authority in my family or at work? Do I see a child of the Heavenly Father in every human person and treat them with love and reverence? How do I guard against falling victim to the routine of everyday life? Am I more interested in accomplishing my work than the well-being of NN?

Let us pray for one another that in the daily events we recognize the opportunity to lead from the shrine with trust in Divine Providence and Charity to All!

With Prayers for you from the Confidentia Shrine,

Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary

P.S. Please check our website calendar for upcoming retreat and workshop opportunities.

Lead from the Shrine…

Our home shrine was established on June 16,1990, when my brother, Ruben Montez, Jr. and his lovely wife, Christel Montez, presented it to us at our wedding. Since then, our MTA has been the focal point of our home.

Before moving into our apartment and three homes thereafter, our home shrine was moved in first. Throughout the liturgical season, our home shrine has been adorned with sacramentals and special items that remind us of the particular season. During challenging times, our homeshrine was the place we shared our inner most thoughts and petitions. It serves as the place of honor and comfort when we leave and greets us upon entering our home.  During joyous occasions, our family has always placed good news or important information such as our daughter’s study notes, medical reports that showed we were in good health, resumes for jobs for which we were hired, school certificates, awards, etc. 

At times, one could see wedding/graduation or funeral announcements for friends or loved ones and tokens of gratitude on our home shrine. We have fond memories of our daughters’ missing toys that were found and in thanksgiving, were placed on our home shrine before playing with them.  All of our innermost thoughts, challenging events and concerns have been offered to our dear Blessed Mother for the past 31 years. She remains the haven we seek during our high, lows and everything in between that life seems to present to us on a daily basis.

Growing up, my parents, Ruben & Rosa Montes, made it a point to always honor their/our home shrine with fresh flowers…a tradition we still honor in the Hernandez home shrine. Through our daily act of consecration, the Blessed Mother has always taken perfect care!

Belinda and Mike Hernandez, Reno, AZ

Greetings for January 15, 2022

What do you think of this remark? “The worst purchase I’ve ever made was a 2020 planner.” Of course, it’s a joke, but is it? May be some of us had similar thoughts!? Pretty much all of last year Covid-19 had us in its grip. Time and again, just when we thought that the worst is over, a new virus variant emerged, forcing us back into restrictions and additional precautions. At the same time, we feel growing resentment and resistance to the restrictions.

Yet, in light of Divine Providence we know the past year, each of its 365 days had a purpose and included many lessons for us to learn. Perhaps the exterior restrictions were meant for us to grow in inner freedom. How about the many home projects we could have tackled or the many resolutions concerning our eating habits could have been easily kept. The virus only apparently makes us think that the world is on pause but we can always move forward with a lot of our goals and strivings.

If nothing else, 2021 taught us that time matters, that it’s a free gift inviting us to sanctify it with our efforts to make of ourselves a gift of love for others. The Blessed Mother, our covenant partner, is our model and teacher on how to view each day as an opportunity to live with trust in Divine Providence and charity to all. From the shrine, she wants to direct us to follow her paths.

With Prayers from the Confidentia Shrine,

Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary

P.S. Please check our website calendar for upcoming retreat and workshop opportunities.

Lead from the Shrine… Heart of the Home

Heart of the Home is the name and mission of the home shrine that Ruben and Rosa Montez dedicated on May 12th, 1968, at their home on 19th Street in Corpus Christi. Father Peter Locher and Sister M. Margaret were present as well as the couple’s children: Ruben junior, twins Rose Anne and Rose Marie, Irene, Belinda, and Laura. Soon after the family was blessed with two more sons: Joseph and Bobby. The home shrine dedication was also the day that Ruben junior made his first Holy Communion at St. Joseph’s church.

In order to have the home shrine to be the center of the home, a closet door in the hallway was removed and turned into the family home shrine where fresh flowers and lit candles where always present and the pictures of friends and family members that were to be remembered in prayer. Rosa was a tireless petition writer and in her confidence and loyalty to Father Kentenich and the Blessed Mother many notes where written on the back of photographs and little papers. The couple treasured their Schoenstatt hour together. To make sure they remained undisturbed, Ruben jr. was instructed to watch the younger siblings while the parents held their weekly Schoenstatt Hour. In 1994 the Blessed Mother received a crown in the home shrine. In time, the Montez children grew up and found their spouses. Eventually, numerous grandchildren filled the home with laughter and joy. All worries and joys were taken to the home shrine and no one would leave without a blessing by Ruben senior in the shrine where the Blessed Mother was “alive” and very much the Heart of the Home. After Ruben and Rosa became “empty nesters” they transformed one of the bedrooms into a “shrine room” where they spent many hours of the day in active spiritual community with their covenant partners. Several of their children longed to have a home shrine set up in their own family homes as well and it became a tradition even for some of the grandchildren to erect the MTA picture in their home.

But the Montez Family also helped build up the Schoenstatt movement in Corpus Christi. With the help of Sister M. Margaret and Father Locher, the family engaged in working with the Schoenstatt Boys youth and were involved with the start of the Annual Boy’s walk in 1970 as well as numerous fundraisers. Ruben and Rosa also led a Schoenstatt couple’s group in the late 1960s and Ruben led a boys youth group named the Flame Carriers.

Both Rosa and Ruben helped build the wayside shrine located at the home of Joe and Katie Rodriguez on Marguerite Street in Corpus Christi. In the early 1970s, the little Marguerite Street wayside shrine was the center of Schoenstatt life in Corpus Christi. Many covenant celebrations on the 18th of the month, prayer meetings, and youth programs took place there. As often as possible the family visited the Confidentia shrine in Lamar which was dedicated in October 1959, the same year and month that Ruben and Rosa got married.

Their five daughters attended Schoenstatt girls youth meetings and Belinda became the first Schoenstatt girls’ leader. The Montez family also helped to organize the first US pilgrimage (North and South USA) to the original shrine in Schoenstatt, Germany in 1970.

Rosa passed away on August 24, 2021. There was no day on which she did not have the MTA near her. Her favorite prayers which she prayed out loud until the end of her life were: ” I trust your might your kindest Mother dear I DO believe that you are always near…” and the Covenant prayer.

Ruben Montez senior, Schoenstatt Family League, Corpus Christi, TX