Greetings from the Confidentia Shrine,

During these days the worldwide Schoenstatt Family prepares for our founding day on October 18, 1914. Many of us may ask ourselves, what would have become of us without this day, the faith and perseverance of our founder, Father Joseph Kentenich, and the sodalists!?  Many of us, who have sealed the covenant of love, also remember the day when we were included in the historic moment of October 18, 1914. 

The day we sealed the covenant of love was preceded by a period of learning and spiritual growth. Yet, as we heard at the recent delegates’ convention, “It’s easy to make the covenant of love, but difficult to actually live it!”  It’s not a magical change but asks for the quest to live this surrender in daily life by creating a Covenant Culture in and around us.

Our “yes” to the MTA, includes a conscious “yes” to the six demands of the Covenant of Love:

“Diligently bring me contributions to the capital of grace. By fulfilling your duties faithfully and conscientiously and through an ardent life of prayer, earn many merits and place them at my disposal. Then it will please me to dwell in your midst and dispense gifts and graces in abundance.” 

As the Founding Document of Schoenstatt points out, our covenant partner asks for many contributions to the Capital of Grace so she can “redistribute” these gifts and graces. Herein lies the apostolic character of the covenant of love:  it reaches out to the whole world.

In this way, our covenant of love enables us to contribute to a genuine sursum corda wherever we are. We invite you to join us physically or spiritually to renew our covenant of love on October 18, 2023, in the Confidentia Shrine.

United in the covenant of love,

Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary  

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