Greetings from the Confidentia Shrine,
We are in the middle of May, the month dedicated to Our Lady! As Schoenstaetter we are honoring her
image in a special way with flowers. We are also inspired by Joseph Engling (1898-1918) who prepared a
unique bouquet of flowers for the Queen of May. He longed to transform his soul into a beautiful
garden of Mary!

Many of us have sealed the covenant of love with the MTA and perhaps we even have a home shrine. All
of us have a very personal relationship with the Blessed Mother. We are united with her. And she is
united with us. May is a beautiful time to revive this relationship and to prove our love for her
throughout the day.

Joseph Engling did it among other things by daily reading about her and by reverencing her picture; or
by making his bed properly and by keeping order at his workplace; by accepting corrections patiently,
forgiving offenses, and obeying cheerfully. Moreover, he wanted to patiently accept unpleasant things,
be faithful to his particular examination, and pray for purity before Holy Communion. Does his example
inspire us to spend the second half of May proving to her that we really love her? What concrete deeds
of love does she desire from you?

Some of you may remember that ten years ago on May 22, 2013, the original shrine was offered to the
Schoenstatt Family as a gift from the Pallottine Fathers. On Sunday May 21 and Monday May 22, we
gratefully remember this gift with a celebration you can join on the Internet. For more details, please

We are looking forward to welcoming the many pilgrims and pilgrimages who will come to the
Confidentia Shrine and offer your intentions to the Queen of May,

Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary

Want to learn more about Joseph Engling? Check out this video!

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