Greetings from the Confidentia Shrine!

Marána tha – Come Lord Jesus! This longing accompanies us throughout Advent. It prepares us for the feast of Jesus’ birth. It prepares us for the coming of Jesus at the end of time. It prepares us for the coming of Jesus in our everyday lives. 

Advent initially reminds us of the longing of Israel’s people. For centuries, they had been waiting for the coming of the Messiah. He was to establish his kingdom, which was to be a kingdom of peace, security, and prosperity. In times when they felt oppressed, Israel longed for a savior; they pinned all their hopes on the promised Messiah because, in their view, he was the only one who could change their situation for the better.

Advent also recalls the longing of the early church. The so-called ” new way” perceived as a danger caused the persecution of the church. This new path caused questioning of the previous way of life and the previous social reality. But nobody likes to be questioned. That is why “the new way” had to disappear. In this time of need and distress, the young Christians longed for Jesus to return soon and complete the kingdom of God. 

Advent also addresses our longing. We too experience hardship and distress, though on various levels. We experience war and terror in the Middle East, Ukraine and other countries and ask ourselves whether this might be the beginning of a third world war. We experience the challenge of climate change and economic difficulties. We are experiencing quarrels within the church… We experience very personal worries and hardships: parents worry about their children because of the ideologies surrounding them or because they have gone astray. Couples worry about their relationship because it is in crisis. A considerable number of us worry about our jobs, health, and emotional balance because our prayer life has become dry. Every person longs to be loved, accepted, and valued. 

In these situations, the longing for a savior is also alive within us. We long for God to save us, to alleviate our suffering, to ease our worries, to solve our problems, and to give us strength in all difficulties. We long for the mercifully loving and at the same time powerfully intervening God. Come, Lord Jesus, and save us! Maránatha.

We Sisters take all your concerns to the shrine asking that the birth of the Prince of Peace celebrated soon finds a home in the manger of your heart. Then we will experience how God takes our longing seriously and rushes to our aid,

Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary  

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