Greetings from the Confidentia Shrine,

Today, Catholics around the world celebrate the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary. It is one of the oldest Marian feasts in Christianity which commemorates that at the end of her earthly pilgrimage, Mary was taken body and soul into heaven. She is – as Pope Francis explained – “the first of the redeemed to arrive in heaven.”

Icons of Our Lady assumed into heaven usually depict her by herself. At times, we see her being lifted up with her gaze longingly directed heavenwards. We may also be familiar with images where Christ picks up her soul, portrayed like a small baby, while the apostles gather around her bier.

At first sight, the mosaic shown here does not appear to fit our traditional imagination of the Assumpta. The stained-glass window shows Mary who apparently does not wish to enter heaven by herself.  Even if she is the first and fully redeemed human person to enjoy eternal glory, she does not leave us orphaned. Like every mother, she wants to take her children with her to heaven!

This reality is the focus of this artwork. Clothed with the golden garments of salvation (Is 61:10), Mary gathers us, who trust in her intercession, under her mantle. Confidently she turns her eyes upwards and presents us to the Father in Heaven, symbolized in the hand touching her head. You and all who have made a covenant of love with her, may surely be counted among those who she will accompany when we are called home.

The two verses from the Rosary of God’s Instruments contain in a nutshell the jubilation of Mary’s assumption into heaven. It’s the ultimate sursum corda of her earthly pilgrimage which is rewarded with the crown of her royal dignity and life everlasting.

We too are called to this eternal joy and while here on earth “we longingly lift our hearts and hands and voices: Lead us safely into the eternal Schoenstatt Land.

Blessed Feast Day,

Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary

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