Lead from the Shrine… Queen of Courage and Perseverance

My sister Melba and I are the only ones living at home, but our home shrine becomes the liveliest when the immediate family (7 brothers & sisters, 16 nieces & nephews, 20 great nieces & nephews) and friends come to visit.

The most obvious symbol in the shrine is the crown on our MTA on which all 43 members of the Valdez family, as well as deceased grandparents, are represented. The other most important symbol, besides the jar for contributions to the capital of grace, is the scepter that represents our Mother Thrice Admirable reigning as queen of our household & family side by side with our king, Jesus Christ. The Sacred Heart of Jesus was enthroned in my home the same day prior to my home shrine dedication on October 26, 1991. We crowned the Mother Thrice Admirable in thanksgiving as Queen of Courage & Perseverance on February 18, 1989.

Mina Valdez

Women’s League, Corpus Christi, Texas

Greetings for September 15th!

Greetings from the Confidentia Shrine,

Today, on the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows, we commemorate the day in 1968 when God called our father and founder, Father Kentenich, into eternity. We truly owe him much! Just imagine if he had not responded to God’s call to the priesthood and to make the covenant of love of the Blessed Mother on our behalf on October 18, 1914. What would have become of you and me without Schoenstatt and therefore Father Kentenich?

This year’s motto summons us to detect Divine Providence in our lives and to trust that, from the shrine, a new initiative of grace for our time permeates the whole world. In gratitude, we are invited to help promote Father Kentenich’s beatification. Among the many possibilities to do so, did you know that there are people around the world who are praying daily for F. Kentenich’s canonization?  If you feel the call to join one of these silent prayer groups or want to know more, please contact Marcia at herasmarcia@gmail.com or 484-347-7575.

These are also the last weeks we spend with our motto Lead from the Shrine with Trust in Divine Providence and Charity to All! The annual delegates convention will take place October 8-10 in Waukesha and our new motto will be discerned. Please pray for this gathering and stay tuned for its results.

With Prayers from the Confidentia Shrine,

Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary