Lead from the Shrine… Home of Grace

Our story started when we joined a couples’ group back in 1991 and soon after that, we attended family retreats with our children Gina Lorraine and Noe IV. Even though no TV’s were available for the weekend retreats, our children quickly forgot about that as they were quite busy with all of the activities the sisters had planned. I clearly remember as we left the first family retreat, they asked, “Can we come back next year?” It was then, that we realized our journey as a family of God had sparked such happiness within our children, and in us as a married couple.

Throughout the years, we initiated a foundation of grace, by being kind and gentle with words, and everyday kindness by our actions as a couple and as a family. Through the years, we have had many ups and many downs, but in the end, we remain strong as a family and within our marriage all because of our Blessed Mother. We truly believe that it is our Mother that has chiseled us and continues to intercede for us to become more childlike, more loving, more respectful, more gentle and to learn to speak with a calm voice, as Father Kentenich did.

Our Home Shrine has been our anchor and our light in times of darkness and despair. It is a blessing to wake up and greet her every day and offer our worries, good intentions, and our work to the capital of Grace. We have learned to accept our joys and sorrows and realize that at the end of the day, everything is as it should be. Schoenstatt has become our home, a place that brings peace and quiet to our soul, which has helped us understand and develop our mission in life.

The reality of our Home Shrine during this pandemic has reminded us to trust in the plan of Divine Providence and move towards God, at all times. We are grateful that our Lady and Queen has allowed us to walk with her, taught us how to practice humility, taught us to be understanding of others, taught us to trust in God’s plan, and continues to educate us to this day. Our Home Shrine, the center of our domestic church, has been the key to our heart and love of others, especially during this time of seclusion.

Original Home Shrine – Family Prayer from 2004

Dear Blessed Mother as we dedicate our Home Shrine in your honor this evening we feel deeply proud of this endeavor you so well deserve. You have always had a place of honor in our home, it is with pride that we now have an official and true Home Shrine to acknowledge you and your son daily. This shrine has the potential to grow as well as change in the years to come; never losing sight of our love, dedication, and devotion which it contains.

Noe and Ruby Lou Moraida | Family Federation, TX

This year’s Motto continues to remind us that it is Mary who is sending us to “Lead from the Shrine with trust in Divine Providence and Charity to all.”

Greetings for July 15th!

Greetings from the Confidentia Shrine,

We hope you are enjoying the summer and perhaps even a vacation! It is a great gift that we can travel and gather as families again as you may have done for the recent July 4th celebration. Above all, we are grateful that we are free again to gather in our churches for the Eucharist! 

As Schoenstatt Family we are thankful for our priestly father and founder whose ordination to the Sacred Orders and first holy Mass we commemorated on July 8th and July 10th.

Every vocation in the Catholic Church is a self-gift of charity to God and the world. Priests are called in a special way to imitate Christ’s example of outpouring love and mercy. This essentially makes their leadership fruitful. In our shrines, let us pray for all young men discerning the priesthood. Let us also beg our MTA to lead many priests to our shrines and to the covenant of love. May we each be receptive to the open doors by introducing our parish priests to Schoenstatt.

In our Confidentia Shrine we pray that you have a peaceful and relaxing summer and for many and holy priests,

Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary