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“What seemed most impossible became possible for us whenever we were children of confidence, heroic confidence!”
Fr. Joseph Kentenich

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  • Greetings for March 15, 2023
    Greetings from the Confidentia Shrine, We have entered the second part of Lent. How are we doing with our Lenten resolutions? Have we ever considered making it a sursum corda Lent? What do we mean by that? We could ask ourselves, how we perceive the world? Do all the everyday events – whether near or far – drag me down and dampen my mood, or can I free myself from them and look to the future with optimism? In our time all kinds of negative events find an easy way into our awareness via news portals, social media, etc. This …
  • March Sursum Corda Moments …
    By uniting yourself to God, you’re also lifting up other people. For that you have to be truly alive – joyful, honest, truly yourself – because you can’t lead others to God if you are pretending to be someone else. Embracing people where they’re at, consuming them with the love of Christ, is a matter of loving them for who they are. Yes, we must have it clear and acknowledge that we and others are sinful, but we want to love them anyway, unconditionally. To be a living sursum corda is to be open to getting to know those around …
  • March Sursum Corda days!
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